Family Recipe


Food is an important part of the African American community. It contains a power that binds families together from generation to generation. It is at the dinner table where family is nourished physically and spiritually. However, without a determined effort, these family food traditions may be lost and become memories of the past.

The Family Recipe series stems from memories of times I spent with my mother cooking in the kitchen. I watched her make biscuits and other soul foods dishes the way her mother taught her. I never met my grandmother, but I felt a spiritual connection to her in this series. In these photographs, I focus deliberately on the hands and the ingredients, flour, milk, and salt by eliminating the environment. The hands portray a meticulous care in mixing the ingredients--in preparation for the nourishment of the family.

My intentions are to honor my grandmother while evoking the viewer's memory of their own family member or friend who uses, or may have used, a recipe that was handed down through generations. These tradition and memories provide that connection to our past.

Archival Pigment Prints 18x24  © CMorgan 2010

Momma Jackson’s Biscuits (Triptych) Archival Pigment Prints